• 2022 Solo Exhibition

    2022 Solo Exhibition

    Not Many Clients Will Go This Far
    2022, 50”x50” (framed), Vinyl, collage, and gouache on paper

    Solo Exhibition
    Link to 3D Virtual Tour of the Exhibition Here

    Show Closes July 31, 2022
    @ mhPROJECTnyc
    East Village, NY

    Invasive digital entities know us better than we know ourselves. Companies track our every click with Recommendation Algorithms. These algorithms utilize our query and purchase history to anticipate our interests - transforming them into predictions for future purchases. We surrender to being watched online and simply by participating, we willingly lose control over our perception of discovery.

    The source materials for my solo presentation at mhPROJECTnyc, MATERIALISTIC AND FINE WITH IT, both on the walls and the 2D works, are my screenshots of every item I have searched from the summer of 2021 to 2022. Anything I needed, coveted, or craved – home décor, clothes, vacations, dental floss, packing tape, shoes, vibrators – was documented and the images used for this exhibition. In this series, I openly contemplate: in a world so desperate to make you feel like individuality is expressed through consumption, can a portrait of my identity be built from data, algorithms, and the accumulation of the things I desire?